Climbing the Skyscrapers of Moscow in International Business Center

Moscow International Business Center is a is a business and commercial urban district in central Moscow, capital of Russia. The Business center is located near the third right road of the Moscows Presnesky district and the area is still currently under development. It’s also planed that the IBC becomes in future a first Russian zone where they combine the business, living and entertainment in single development, meaning it will be a luxury Russian area. The whole project was first started in 1992 and it is estimated that around 250,000 to 300,000 people work, live and visit it while others risk their lives to climb their roofs to take pictures. One of these crazy and brave people is Aklavex and thanks to him you can see how it looks now in pictures below. Below are pictures of Moscow city taken from one of its highest buildings. More info: akvalex

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