Cold white Vladivostok

Cold white Vladivostok It may seem that winter is not the best time to observe and photograph Russian cities from the height. But these images prove otherwise. Cold white Vladivostok is maybe even more beautiful than summer green one.We take off from Russkiy island and move up to see the new Far Eastern Federal University from above. The complex of buildings stands round the bay and resembles a “horseshoe” from the height.

The territory of the infrastructure is about 200 hectares. It is exactly where the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation was held in 2012. via(source)

The main building of the university where its administration is located. Inside the complex is a big park. It is still undecided if people are allowed to walk there.

The grand structure is the local oceanarium. Total volume of water there amounts to almost 10 000 m3. The main building of the university is going to get 500 aquariums for eighteen species of fish and mammals. The oceanarium is planned to open in autumn 2014 to become the largest structure of such type in the world.

Water area of the port for outer achorage. If the port is compared with a dwilling house this part could become its “entrance lobby”.

It’s the stand for fishing boats, tanker fleet, bulk carriers and other ships.

Pretty amazing Russia, as always!

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