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Cool Ice-Sculpting Championship in Russia

Cup of Russia in Perm was the event in the international competition field of ice and snow art sculpting. It also received the official support of Ministry of Culture. So this year the cup has been held for the three times, however history wise it has a long tradition. All this ice sculpting started back in 1995 on the first “Snow and Ice, and the Flame” festival which became the symbol of Perm region. However they expanded the festival into Russian cup to attract world.wide sculptors and the first cup was held in Saliharde and later in Perm. What can we say then that this kind of cup looks pretty uniqe and fits the cold area of Perm in a perfect way. So next year you will maybe decide to visit Perm because of cool festivals held there. Photo story via Zavodfoto [divider]0_f2a00_1b88a47a_XXL 0_f2a0b_49974b00_XXL 0_f2a0f_f06a4690_XXL 0_f2a01_6d08484e_XXL 0_f2a1a_74e9f643_XXL 0_f2a02_2bfe01df_XXL 0_f2a07_77bcb101_XXL 0_f2a09_20b01ba0_XXL 0_f2a11_7ab36c3b_XXL 0_f2a12_d2323ef8_XXL 0_f2a16_4ab28547_XXL 0_f2a20_2dfbec97_XXL 0_f29fa_d021cea_XXL 0_f29fe_6c41c043_XXL 0_f29ff_a79fefba_XXL

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