Cool Walkway Between Buildings in Poland

These are ideas that arise from the need of the moment to actual realization that turns out to be very useful and cool. This particular need was born on a hot summer day spent in the office, when thoughts strayed towards the dream of a pleasant walk. It became the inspiration for the project path suspended in the air – Walk on balconies. It is also one of the ideas on how to change the sad boring courtyard, which we see every day from the windows of the office on the 3rd floor and how to give these areas a little magic – so project that enjoys the great attention of the authors describe the architecture, the architects of Zalewski Architecture Group.

Dark courtyard – the crux of the problem – in fact, became the inspiration for the solutions contained in the draft. Surrounded on four sides balcony walls for easier installation. The path is very narrow (has a width of 80 cm) and runs in a circle – from office windows to office windows. From the perspective of the yard would be even narrower due to a base made of polished metal. Arches reflect the environment in space blurrier edges of the path. The whole construction is suspended in the air.

Typically, the “form follows function”, but sometimes “form is part of the fun” – admit the creative architects. – Our walking balcony is to meet just such a task. The path is tortuous, does not lead directly to the goal, relaxes and allows contact with nature. Therefore, our way should also flow freely in space, allow for a little rest and cheat distance – they add.

The project is conceptual and is unlikely to be realized. Hindered by complex procedures to obtain regulatory approvals and the approval of all the inhabitants of the surrounding courtyard houses.

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