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Creation of Ivan the Terrible, Solovetsky Islands

The Solovetsky Islands (On Russian: Солове́цкие острова́), are an amazing archipelago located in the Onega Bay of the White Sea of Russia. Our Blogger Jose has traveled to the Solovetsky Islands, the place where the big stronghold was founded as old as the rule of Ivan the Terrible, which later served as a monastery for centuries. Currently there is also a large monastery and only around eight hundred people live there. The island is in the middle of the White Sea and can be reached by a plane or a ship and is a place of constant pilgrimage for Russian Orthodox believers, so the route is busy all the year round by priests. Here are the photos of a guy who took his part in visiting the island. You just must browse the pages of this post thru the end as there are tons of cool photos of the fortress and even the ancient pre-Christian labyrinth made of stone closer to the  end of the posting. Also lots of shots of beautiful Northern Russian nature and things you can see only there, it’s a one time thing to see! The administrative center of both divisions is the settlement of Solovetsky, located on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island. Almost all of the population of the islands lives in Solovetsky. Oh yeah btw the population of the district was only 861 inhabitants. via(source)

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