Creepy Tourism: The Scariest Tourist Destinations In Slavic Countries

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Slavic countries have a lot of places that will amaze you, scare you and leave you wondering. Some places are architectural masterpieces, and some will send shivers down the spine!

1. Abandoned Soviet Circus, Moldova

Some ruins were left after the Communists left their mark in Moldova. This circus is named Chisinau and it was closed due to repairs needed in 2004. Prior to this, it was neglected for almost 10 years and was kept empty that way. Inside there is the creepy canopy sight and a lot of empty seats. Even though it’s not fully disintegrated, there is still air of mystery inside as just a few sun rays manage to enter.

2. Underwater Soviet Museum, Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea

Under the Crimea area, in the midst of waves, there is a fascinating and unbelievably creepy thing to see. A few meters under the water surface you can see circa 50 statues of leaders from the Communism. As they are buried like pillars in the sand, with their upper part visible, they are the reason why this is called “Soviet Atlantis”. This was the idea of a snorkeler, Vladimir Bourmensky, back in 1992. Vladimir started adding more sculptures as time passed, and now there are dozens of them underwater.

3. Devil’s Heads, Czech Republic

If you ever visit the Czech Republic, try to visit the village Zelizy. As you walk through its paths, you’ll see quite a scary thing. Two gigantic hellish faces of a rock will be in front of you, surrounded by the magical forest trees. They are a masterpiece work of a sculptor, Vaclav Levy, and they have been on display ever since the 1850s. how big are they? Approximately 4 times an average man. The stones nearby are quite similar to these ‘heads’ with alike carvings.

4. Church of the Nine Ghosts, Czech Republic

Another creepy place in the Czech area, and it’s a church – as you might guess, abandoned. It is melancholic, spooky, almost like from a horror movie about haunted places. It is named St. George’s church and it is in Lukova. Inside the sight is magical; altars, figures that mourn and covered in white material, resembling ghosts. Their heads are downwards as if bowed and they look like they are mourning or hearing something others don’t hear.

5. Vodnjan Mummies, Vodnjan, Croatia

When mummies are mentioned, we instantly link them to Egypt. But, these are in a place in Croatia, a total number of 6 bodies, or 6 Saints. They are inside the church St. Blaise and what makes them so creepy and special, is that they never decomposed, but instead are stiff. This pilgrimage site gathers more than 15.000 people that come here for worshipping yearly. Apart from the mummies, the church also has circa 370 relics that belonged to the many saints, not just these 6. Paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, stone reliefs and more can be seen.

6. Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Obviously, we’re not finished with the creepy places in the Czech region. They truly have some spooky sights, such as this one. This place is called “Bone Church” and is magnificently decorated with 40.000 skeletons of humans. Can it get spookier than this? On the outside, it looks quite ‘normal’ and not so scary, but the inside is anything but plain. The Gothic aura mesmerizes those that are amazed by scary sights. The story behind this is that back in time, an Abbot of the Monastery Sedlec had a jar of ‘holy soil’ and scattered it on the cemetery there, so everyone wanted to be buried in this place – hence the number of skeletons.

7. Museum of the History of Medicine, Varna, Bulgaria

This place might not be swamped with skulls or mummies, but it has some eerie energy since you’ll see early period medicine tools that were used in the past. When you compare that to modern medicine tools, it can get a bit spooky. There are also dental tools there and yes, a few skulls too that were used for practices (or ritual drillings, as some claim!).

8. Lenin’s Mausoleum, Moscow, Russia

This is not per se ‘creepy-haunted-scary’, but the whole outlook of this scenery leaves people breathless. Located right in the center of the Red Square, this place is the tomb of the leader from Soviet era, Vladimir Lenin. Believe it or not, his body was preserved and displayed to the public ever since 1924 (with some occasional changes due to war times). This granite structure was made by Aleksey Shchusev. It mesmerizes with the dark red and crimson colors and it looks quite artistic, majestic and intriguing.

Have you visited some creepy Slavic places that aren’t on this list? Share with us in the comment section.

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