Crimea is without electricity but it has truck TV’s

Ever since power blackout has hit crimea, people have been disconnected from world and news. As transmission lines from Ukraine where cut, a complete blackout over whole Crimea has happened making life from Crimean residents pretty desperate. Wars are never good so in this Ukrainian-Russian conflict over Crimean annexations, troubles for the local population don’t stop at all. Struggling to feed their families, now a lot of unreal images have been shared of the social media where they live and walk in dark highways, closed schools, warm fridges as if it’s medieval times. You are about to see how a massive tv plasma truck looks like, we already see a new trend rising:

Being disconnected from the world in means of internet, a new trend has come, the mobile TV’s that provide the local population the latest news about their situation and the world in general where they can enjoy the Federal tv.


What many started to talk right aways is how this situation is perfectly fit to control the population as in some Orwellian book.

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