Croatian admiral ship “Vis” sunken for diver tourism

Croatia, Istria – Thousands of citizens and tourists tried to break through crowds just to see the event of intentionally sinking a ship. Ship”Vis” will be on the seabed of the bay “Polje” and in such sunken state it will become a tourist attraction for scuba diving in the southern part of Istria. In a complex operation with two strong detonations ship was sunk 250 meters from the coast, at 32 meters depth. The act of immersion attracted several thousand people who have watched from the shore or from the surrounding boats.

Local authorities stated that:

“From the idea to the realization it was necessary to wait over five years and now ‘Vis’ will serve as an example to many Croatian seaside to do the same,”

He recalled a long way since 2002, when they bought the boat in Montenegro. For long time there have been plans and projects to turn the ship into offices in a luxury yacht, but, as he said, because of the deteriorating situation in the Croatian industry and the financial market idea suddenly matured in an entirely different direction.

Owner Brajković said:

“It would be nice to keep the ‘Vis’ as a yacht, but with time I became aware that I can not do that in Croatia, nor has anyone been willing to do so”

He announced that after the sinking of the ship he already organized a visit of a group of divers this year.

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