Croatian Billboard For English Lessons Featured Melania Trump, It Went Viral Worldwide For Its Funny Message

Just imagine, with that little tiny bit of English you could be big too

Photo: American Institute Cro / Facebook

Both Trump and Melania are pretty much every day on news portals across the globe, this time however the reason is different. American Institute made a advertising billboard that made a real boom in the media. It was a great way to attract the eye balls with just a little bit of humor, and the person behind the clever marketing was Ivis Buric, a 26 year old marketing expert from Croatia.

Melania was ridiculed as someone who has learned just a bit of English and made it to the White House, but then again there was also some mean comments on the message of the billboard. According to Melanie’s biography, she speaks six languages ​​- native Slovene, English, French, German, Italian and Croatian-Serbian.

“Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English”

The purpose behind the ad of course was not to ridicule Melania but to actually encourage people in Zagreb to learn English, because just imagine the possibilities! Target group of the ads were the Croatian emigrants that seek opportunities in abroad.

The message is unambiguously referring to a person who, with little knowledge of a foreign language, has come to the position of one of the most powerful people on the planet – Burić told Vecernji List

Authors are stressing that the message itself is not offensive. Since the most famous Slovenian in his native country has a lawyer’s team that looks after her reputation, the question is whether she will recognize this advertisement as an affirmative one.

So, what do you think you would succeed in with just a little bit of English?

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