Croatian Game of Thrones Set

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Malta was the location used for Kings Landing in season one, however there were complications after a subcontractor damaged protected land in a conservation area. Because of this, the location has been replaced by places around Dubrovnik, Croatia. This means that with a vacation to Dubrovnik, Croatia, you may find yourself wandering around the streets of the “new” Kings Landing. It’s hard to say right now which locations will be used a lot in the series, but if you look at the city, it’s easy to picture it as the fictional capitol.

The outer walls look as if they were built for the show. At least one scene was filmed on St. Dominic Street and the Fort of St. Lawrence.

Lokrum Island, Croatia

Technically part of Dubrovnik, you can also head over to Lokrum Island and visit the former monastery. This location was used for scenes that take place in Qarth. Keep your eyes open for families of peacocks that inhabit the island. Whatever you do, don’t try to purchase any land there. Legend says that the island was cursed by the monks, after a French general ordered the monastery closed, and all inhabitants expelled. The heads of three households were chosen to convey the message. The monks were aghast at this order, so they began walking around the perimeter of the island, leaving a trail of melted wax. As they did this, they chanted the curse: “Whosoever claims Lokrum for his own personal pleasure shall be damned.” They weren’t kidding. Soon the people who had given them the message had died. for the next 8 centuries, things just kept happening to anyone who tried to live on the island and claim it as their own. Long story short, visit, don’t stay forever.

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