Croatian military policeman caught drunk during NATO military mission

When Croatian and Polish soldiers get together a lot of alcohol is involved

Croatian soldier situational training / Photo: Sgt. 1st Class Caleb Barrieau /

Currently there is over 78 Croatian soldiers that are located in Poland as a part of the NATO mission. One of the Croatian soldiers was detained for being heavily intoxicated by alcohol consumption. Now it makes sense, we have Polish and Croatian soldiers probably exchanging Vodka and Rakija on some distant boring military bases and things seem to be really jolly out there.

“The fact is that none of the members of HRVCON made no trouble, and that this is an isolated case the commander reported the whole case to his superiors and the Chief of General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, General Šundov. The violation of the military branch is subject to the procedure of determining the circumstances of the aforementioned event ” – reports Croatian portal Index

When returning to the Bemowo Piskie Area (BPTA) base in Poland, where a contingent was placed, a Croatian military police officer was detained because he was dead drunk. Later it was confirmed that the military police officer was detained and that he will soon be returned to the unit.

“Everything they do in Croatia they will do in Poland too” – Minister Damir Krstičević said

These words are obviously very true, as the guys can now enjoy both homemade Rakija and Polish Vodka which is great for cultural appropriation and Slav bonding.

Now if they would also invite the Russian guys from across the border to join up with their Vodka and hot borscht and it would be even better.

WW2 comedy about drunk soldiers defeating German armies

It is possible Polish soldiers are learning Croatian troops about WW2 drunken maneuvers against Hitlers Germany just like in the scene from the Polish comedy movie above.

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