Cute Himalayan Bear Cubs Rescued in Khabarovsk

Unfortunately two bears were left without their mothers so now these little predators have to spend their life in captivity. Employee of the Khabarovsk regional public movement “Zoozaschita – DV” Natalia Kovalenko has bottle feed two little baby Himalayan bears in her apartment. In addition to make things more clumsy apartment is already inhabited by a few cats and dogs – all in overexposure. Them being engeged pet activists for over two years sheltering abandoned pets and animals however these Himalayan bears are their first wild beasts that they are sheltering. “Spring traditionally brings us bears” – Natalia jokes. Hunters kill the mothers and children like these two remain so someone has to rescue them. Human hand is not enough to finish raising the bear kids so they will eventually have to go to the local zoo. Story via smitsmitty[divider]

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