Cutest Squirrel Photos Captured by Russian Photographer

We had many talented Photographers from Slavic countries showing off their work and our beautiful countries. This time, Vadim Trunov, a young Russian photographer focused on nature has had the most amazing and unique squirrel photo-session ever. Many people are left speechless after these photos and they wonder how he managed to get these little cute squirrels to do what they do. They were playing with each other, snowballing, taking photos of each other, the work is really awe inspiring and we are sure many young photographers will try to do the same. Thing is it’s winter time so these little creatures flock when they see unusual objects on the ground, so he left some food and equipment, moved away and let the nature and it’s little inhabitants enjoy while he takes precious photographs of them. So as the squirrel play and fight for food Trunov takes wonderful wildlife photos whether it’s winter or summer so make sure to  check out more of his macro nature photography also! More info: | 500px   (src: dailymail)[divider]

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