Czech CorruptTour aka Corruption tourism!

CorruptTour is a new form of corruption tourism! You know i should have expected something like that from Czechs. XD I won’t say much let me just copy paste the info bout it from some German site in a corrupt way. + Bonus info from official CorruptTour site. I believe other Slavic nations should embrace this brand new branch of tourism.

Corruption tours reveal ‘best of worst’ of Prague

You’ve heard of health and sex tourism before, but what about corruption tourism? A Czech company is offering tours around Prague, showing overpriced infrastructure projects and ostentatious homes of the city’s rich.

Info from official CorruptTour site;

We are offering something entirely unique in the history of tourism.

Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon but most people do not know what it looks like. At CorruptTour we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive range of corruption experiences.

The modern day traveler wants choice. For this reason we offer a selection of corruption packages that includes the opportunity to visit various popular destinations while experiencing first-hand a wide range of corrupt businesses as well as the leading practitioners of corruption.

We aim to give you the most value for your money, an entertaining day filled with adrenaline and adventure.  We are confident you will find the tour that is perfect for you and at the right price.

Tours and offer;

We are offering something entirely unique in the history of tourism. A safari of the habitats of cronies in the wild. Inconspicuous nests to divert unwanted attention. Ostentatious dens to intimidate the meek. The Safari takes care to keep pristine the natural habitats of these national treasures.

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