Czech Couple Victims Of A Lunch Theft, Urged Slovak Police To Solve The Case

Fried meat cuttings permanently lost to a vicious thief…

felix_w (CC0), Pixabay

Czech people are utterly famous for their habit of bringing their own food where ever they go. Be it mountaineering in Poland, Slovakia or be it going on a summer vacation to Croatia, but one thing is always the same…they have their own food with them. Few days ago a interesting intervention happened in Slovakia, the Slovak police was alarmed that there was a theft at the thermal swimming pool in the village of Podhájska in the south of the country. The couple from the Czech Republic reported that the cuttings they had brought to lunch had disappeared from their blankets reports

The Slovak Police warns the visitors of the swimming pools to watch out for their personal belongings. “Preventisté the pool Podhájska advised tourists not to leave unattended mobile phones and documents to have their stuff on the eyes, noticing around and rely on the fact that they keeps an eye on things stranger,” wrote police on the social network.

The police also warned the driver not to leave personal belongings and papers in parked cars. “For example, four women put a handbag in the trunk of the wagon, in which they had papers and money, and wanted to leave them there while they were at the swimming pool.” Another policeman driver pointed out that he left documents on the dashboard.

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