Czech Liberland invasion on Balkans continues

The conquerors have come to the new land and the flag has been plunged into the coast of Danube. The free Republic of Liberland has been born along with it’s new self-proclaimed president Vit Jedlicka. Like a true warrior he is fighting hordes of media journalists that ridicule his project, countless government officials that laugh at his country, but brave Vit Jedlicka won’t surrender. He is determined, there will be a free Republic of Liberland! Ever since the Republic was founded he got over 400,000 wannabe Liberland citizens that are backing up his country.

However fellow Croatian border police isn’t that fond of his new country, neither is Serbian border police too. This might be a problem for little Liberland, because thanks to Serbo-Croatian police patrols Liberland still doesn’t has even a single real inhabitant and it’s size is just few sq km with one old empty lodge.

Few days ago “President” Jedlicka has given an interview to the The Independent, where he stated that he is gathering a large group of Liberlanders that will break all police blockades and that “there is nothing they can do to stop it”.

How serious this idea is becoming and what large plans they have for Liberland is visible in the image below where they held a competition for cityscaping design of their future homeland & city. Will this state come to life between Serbia and Croatia? Is it a good idea as a tampon zone between the two states? We do now know, but it is getting more and more interesting for sure.

An architectural competition was run to design the tiny but potentially densely-populated nation

What do you think, will Liberland survive?

What do you think?

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