Czech Man Builds His Own Rotating Home From Sci-Fi Movies, He Calls It “The Roundabout House”

When standard buildings and houses get too boring…

Photo: Designyoutrust / Reuters

Ever felt tired of always the same home options, standard family house or a building apartment? Well Bohumil Lhota (73) was bored of it, this is why this senior from Czech Republic made something unique. He started with his project back in 1981, something you or me wouldn’t understand at the time but he did. It was his “The Roundabout House”, a subterranean home which can elevate itself above the ground and rotate.

Yeah it is definitely different from our standard home options, as having a house that can be submerged under the ground and elevate itself above it, or even rotate being surrounded by only nature, indeed it is unique. Its upper level has living quarters with a view over mountains, while the lower level is a swimming pool. h/t:(designyoutrust)

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