Czech Man Convinced He’s a Siberian Tiger, Got Caught Running the Woods Without Clothing

The first rule when taking heavy drugs is to have someone sober beside you.

Wildlife photographers were stunned to capture images of the naked prowler

He who plays with hallucinogenic and psychoactive drugs must be aware of the dangers they carry. We do not think that someone will die from a little happy mushrooms, but the bigger problem is what the man will do in such a state, it can be dangerous both to the environment, other people and especially for himself. This is exactly what happened to the 21-year-old Czech guy known as Marek H., whom the police caught as he ran completely naked in the woods and roads of Poland. Media reports that Marek was being on a treatment of depression with the help of LSD, and this psycho-stimulus felt so hard on him that Marek was convinced that he is the Siberian tiger!

He took off all the clothes he had with himself and spent a total of 8 hours hanging out in the woods trying to “follow the scent of prey”, as he explained later to the police. On all four legs he crossed even 25 kilometers of terrain. During his forest prowl he was caught on the camera for monitoring wildlife placed in the woods and other security cameras on the highway reports

When the police finally picked up, Marek slowly began to come back to reality and see what was happening around him, and as no illegal substances were found with him, he only received a mild punishment for harassment of the public order and peace.

All in all, it went well, because who knows what would have happened if he really encountered some sort of big forest elk and tried to show him who the real king of the forest is!

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