Czech president suggested to remove PM with a Kalashnikov

Czech Republic is pretty tourbulent latley, more so thanks to the newest mish-mash betwene the Czech President Miloš Zeman and Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka. What happend is pretty common in all countries, politicisans fight eachtoehr, however this was a bit different because the president publicly mulled to use a Kalasnhnikov to get rid of the Czech PM, his rival. Long time ago President and PM were allies however as migrant crisis divides Europe, it makes people fight over the policy how to treat the whole situation.

On a question “how to get rid of pro-migrant Sobotka” President Zeman said:

“There is only one democratic option, which is a general election. A non-democratic option is a Kalashnikov,”

By the way, Mr. Zeman is a 71-year-old leftwinger veteran stated

Naturally Czech media and social accounts were very busy and there was millions of tweets to cover this happening while Vojtech Filip, the head of the opposition Communist party, told local media: “I hope he meant it as a joke, because it’s disgusting.”

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