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Czech Republic is a relatively small country (78,866 km2 and about 10,241,000 inhabitants), located in the heart of Europe and borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Historically, Czechs have always regarded their country a link between the eastern and the western world. The Czech Republic is full of lakes, natural and artificial, and mineral springs for which is known. The climate is temperate, with moderately hot summers and cold, windy winters. Spring and summer are variable, so you should always be prepared for a short and intense rain.

Beauty of Czech Republic

What to do in Czech Republic

The territory of the Czech Republic is made several regions. They call it “Land of beer and crystals.” The history of this country is very interesting. The Czech kingdom during the 19th century was known as the kingdom of extraordinary power, but religious conflicts led to its breakup and falling under the influence of Austro-Hungary. Today, a large number of tourists visit first Prague, and then everything else. Also, the Czech Republic has four national parks where you can enjoy just as in any major city of this European country. Czech beer is synonymous with a good time, and the Czechs have gone a step further because their favorite product is even used for cosmetic purposes. Therefore, the beer spas have become extremely popular and desirable. All that is unusual, beautiful and enchanting, and a bit mystical can be found in the Czech Republic. Specifically, if you think of the Czech Republic, your first thought will be the fantastic Prague.

What to see in Czech Republic

The most popular tourist destinations in the Czech Republic is certainly its capital city – Prague, also called the Golden City. How did he get that name, no one knows exactly, but there are several explanations, and it only depends on you which one you’ll choose to believe. Some believe that Prague was given the name because of the gilded roofs of Prague, while others think that tag is carried because of the golden yellow fluid, called beer! Most of the inhabitants of the Czech Republic would be more likely to agree with the latter explanation. Golden Prague will give you an incredible ability to travel back in time. Prague had the great fortune during World War II. He remained mostly intact so that its beautiful buildings have long been telling their story.

Charles Bridge in Prague crosses the river Vltava and connects Old Town with the small side. Construction of the bridge was completed in the year 1400. This world-famous bridge, whose first name was Stone Bridge, is decorated with a series of 30 statues placed around 1700. Some of the original statues wereplaced in museums, and replaced by copies on the bridge itself. One of the most famous statues on the bridge there is a statue of Saint Ivan Nepomuk, who is the patron saint of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague. It is customary to touch this monument and make a wish.

Prague Castle is one of the largest castles in the world! It is located in the district of Hradcany. From it a number of Czech kings ruled ever since the 9th century. Today there lays the office of the President of the Czech Republic. There is a beautiful view over a large part of Prague from the castle. This castle consists of several buildings which were built by various rulers throughout history. Admission is charged. The castle is open for guided tours daily from 9 am to 18 pm, in winter from 9 to 16 hours. The most beautiful view of the castle stretches from Charles Bridge and at night when the castle is beautifully illuminated and reflected in Vltava River.

The oldest astronomical clock in the world that still works is set on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall in Prague. It consists of three parts. Astronomical section shows the position of the sun and moon in the sky, as well as other astronomical details. The most famous part of the class is called The Walk of Apostles, a parade of figures representing the apostles. There is a calendar that shows the months of the year. The clock rings at every full hour. Then, many tourists gather around under the clock and try to take pictures of the apostles on the move.

How to get around Czech Republic

If you decide to visit the Czech Republic note that the Czechs are reserved and formal. They are always friendly and polite and quick in getting to know the people and addressing them by first names, but not easy to engage in conversations with the people they meet on the street or on public transport.

If you are traveling to Prague by bus, you are likely to get the international terminal “Florenc”. The terminal is located in the city center, close to the hotel accommodation.

With discount that airline “Prague Ruzyne Airport” gives its passengers, you will not only get to the Czech capital faster and easier, but will also set aside less money than if you travel by train or bus.

On the territory of the Czech Republic, especially in Prague there are quite frequent cases of pick-pocketing and petty theft (especially when it comes to tourists). Pay special attention in keeping personal documents and money safe. In case of theft, you should contact the nearest police station.

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