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Czech Tourists End Up In Jail For Wearing Borat Swimsuits in Kazakhstan

Has Slavic humor gone too far? Nope

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Slavs love to make satire of their own countries, but don’t be surprised if they target your country too. These days a breaking news came out of Kazakhstan and stormed over Czech media with large black titles saying “Czech Tourists Arrested For Wearing Borat Swimsuits in Kazakhstan”.

The jolly six Czech men decided to put on black wigs, neon-green thong swimsuits just like actor Sasha Baron Cohen in the film Borat. Location for the nice photoshoot was a snow covered sign reading ‘I love Astana.’.

You know how Kazakhstan government is furious at the Borat film, so as soon as local police officers saw these Czech guys they arrested them. The happy six ended up in jail, later they were released after paying a fine of 22,500 tenge (approximately 60 euros) reports

The film had a mixed reception in the Kazakhstan, with some believing it to be racist and others seeing it as a PR opportunity for the nation.

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