Czechs Are Going Crazy For Vaping At Awesome ‘VapeShow’ In Prague

A new trend to help youth get off nicotine addiction

Photo: by Smile Expo

Year by year, vape culture becomes more and more popular both among youth and more adult people. The most frequent reason of shifting to vaping is the desire to quit cigarettes and preserve your health. Indeed, it sounds like a paradox, but if comparing smoking and vaping, one should choose the bad from between the bad and the worse. This is why our Czech bros and sisters are having a great Vape Expo in Prague to promote this over traditional un-healthy cigarette consuming.

None of scientists in this sector will say that vaping is absolutely safe, but it definitely has more positive aspects. A lot of vapers say that they have smoked for 10-15 years before shifting to vape.

Eventually, they have felt their health worsening and realized the need to get in front of this without abandoning their main wish – absorbing smoke. The decision is obvious: one should try to vape.

If you visite their festival you will get to enjoy a lot of flavoring agents so diverse that it makes you dizzy.

When entering a vape shop due to a wide range of e-juices: berry, fruit, tropical, mint, tobacco, coffee, vanilla and even salt flavors can be seen in any professional vape store.

Do we need to say there will be a lot of hot Czech, Ukrainian and Russian girls showing off their Vaping skills? Yep that too!

This January, the Czech Republic Senate reviewed a bill on total smoking ban and referring e-cigs to traditional ones.

But this law has not been adopted since it requires a signature of the President.

Thus, it can be concluded that vaping is legal in the Czech Republic!

Moreover, you can even vape within cool atmosphere at the international vape industry exhibition!

So these lovely ladies want to send a message to all smokers.

Preserve your health, quit nicotine addiction, and do what you love the most i.e. vape!

One more advantage is the opportunity to vape anywhere, as vaping does not refer to smoking.

Meet them all at VAPESHOW Prague, to be held on May 13-14 2017. at PVA Expo Praha!

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