Czech Couple Went On a Vacation In French Nice But Ended in Serbian Niš

The Unexpected Paratrooper Holiday for a Czech gang

Serbia – Imagine you go on a trip with a travel company and you end up on a totally wrong location? This exact thing happened to four young Czechs that were hyped about their trip to riviera of town Nice in France. When they got out of Ryanair plane, they were confused “Is this France?”, now knowing that their tour organizers made a mistake because of a similar name of Niš and Nice, and accidentally took a new line “Bratislava – Niš” reports Slovak tabloid Topky.

Instead of nice autumn sun of southern France they were welcomed with cloudy sky of Niš, so in their horror they asked the Ryanair crew why aren’t they in France, reported the Slovak portal

The happy Czechs friends reserved a hotel in Nice, but they will have to remain in Nis until Friday, because only then they have a flight back to Bratislava.

Did you ever mistake a travel destination?

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