Daring Batgirl Surfs on Top of Trains in Russia and Police Can’t Stop Her

Probably one of the most dangerous ways to surf something

Russia – This Nineteen year old Russian girl that introduces herself as “Kobzzaro” has a pretty much weird and very dangerous hobby. She loves to dress as a Batgirl and climb on trains in Moscow, when she is up then she surfs them from one stop to another.

Kobzzaro siad her hobby has resulted in a few run ins with the local police stations, but Kobzarro says it has never resulted in anything more serious than a fine, with many police officers even being interested in the train surfing community.

“I started exploring the world from different angles: from the heights of skyscrapers, inside underground tunnels, and I started exploring abandoned places.

There was a large internet community on the whole train surfing thing but that has now been blocked by the Russian authorities.

Would you dare to surf your local train?

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