Dark Sablino caves will make you feel claustrophobic

In the times of the Russian Empire (White Russia) the area called Sablino during the Catherine II regin became the center of silica sand mining. It was one of the hardest jobs in the world to mine silica sand to create glass. Due the fact it was almost 150 years ago most of the sand would be carried just in baskets by hands only that it could be forwarded to local Russian glass factories. With technological advance later trains did most of the transportation work and during the first World War the glass industry declined however mining was still active for some time untill the second World War. – via tourism, images by landroverlife.


One of the cool things about 14 Sablino caves is their very narrow passages under the ground with amazing lenght from 10 do 15 members which are called Fox holes by miners and locals. The most interesting and longest labyrinths of 5.5 and 3.5 km are located on the both banks of Tosno river.


Underground lakes in these amazing caves have up to three meter depth. White and red sandstone can be viewed on the walls of the passages as well as the vaults of glauconitic limestone which are green. Some people believe that the cave air is beneficial to health and prevents many diseases.

sablino-cave3 sablino-cave4 sablino-cave5 sablino-cave6 sablino-cave8 sablino-cave9

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