Darth Vader was running for president of Ukraine

Star Wars just keeps mixing with Slavs, as if the chaos that was happening there wasn’t enough, there were some jokers that decided to dress as Imperial Troops with their leader Darth Vader. This fearful battalion marched towards the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice. Upon arrival he said that the Ministry of Justice guard violates intergalactic space and will be sent to the planet “Tatooine.”

Judging by the look of the guard, he didn’t have a pleasant time and felt the dark force take control! Well after all what would you do if you saw Darth Vader coming your way!?

UKRAINE-POLITICS-FILM UKRAINE-POLITICS-FILM 6eea09e4ded8671227a83cc92bad650d3e9885c7ad_131437699 darth potd-darth-vadar_2872175k UKRAINE-POLITICS-DARTH-VADER

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