Death Masks Collection – The Scariest Museum Exhibit in Ukraine

From Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky to Ulysses S. Grant all dead on walls

Kiev, Ukraine – One of the worlds most interesting (and scariest in a way) museum exhibits is the “Death Mask Collection” from One Street Museum in Kiev, Ukraine. Museum is packed with over 7,000 exhibits that will give you a chance to see how many of those famous historical figures really looked like in person. It’s a unique experience where you can stand eye-to-an-eye with Lenin or even Stalin if you dare to.

This museum can boast with it’s great collection thanks to the museums director Dmitry Shlyonsky that has actually traveled the world just to collect all these authentic masks. Now that’s what you call being dedicated to your work right?

It should be noted that this museum besides notable Eastern European figures also holds death masks of people like Abraham Lincoln, Shakespeare and many other famous people that belong to the western world. These faces are so realistic they will beat any photography or video, so it’s a special experience that you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself in Kiev.

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