Death of Eastern Europe: Population Is Projected To Fall By More Than 20% By 2060

Which invisible forces stand behind the depressive future of Eastern Europe?

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Haven’t we all been the witnesses of massive modern Slavic migrations? Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Bulgaria (Romania and Hungary too) they all seem to go towards western Europe to live a “better” life. However the thing that really happens is the brains and work capable youth are leaving their native countries and investing their knowledge, working enthusiasm and their future life into foreign countries. Doctors, engineers, IT masterminds, economists, hard working physical workers and basically literally everyone seems to find their place under the sun in Western Europe.

In the same time while Western Europe is happily receiving population from Eastern European countries and their work capable, young and mostly well educated population, it tries to enforce migrant quotas and migrant settling across Eastern Europe through political establishment, this alone has caused the massive division in EU and created the Brussels vs Visegrád group conflict. Truthfully it is not their fault, after all Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Eastern Block was left to mercy of the Western counterparts and this is just the result of their economical domination they achieved over our industries, our products and us as people.

Eurostat just made a report that “The eastern European population is projected to fall by more than 20% by 2060”, while the western magazine the Economist made a conclusion out of that report and claimed “The solution seems obvious: let the migrants in.”

Basically what they suggest is population replacement for Eastern Europe, they take our brains and youth while they will fill the gaps in our countries with migrants from 3rd world countries, this is their solution for Eastern Europe and the future they obviously see for us as only fitting solution.

Again, we have little to blame them, our toxic nationalistic Eastern European political situation makes it hard for our economies to flourish because “hey we don’t like to trade with our neighbors” and make their economies stronger.

Others (the western Europe notably) are just simply looking at their own interests and capitalizing on our political instability and misfortune.

Possible reasons why people leave their homeland:

Maps set above are just one small example that is slowly and empirically proving something, we are worse at almost everything compared to Western Europe. Mostly since the Eastern Block fell, it just seems that our products can’t match theirs, our trends can’t match theirs, our media can’t match their media, and our people just can’t match their people. Accept it, we are the future generation of toilet cleaners for Western Europe, so you better get that suit and bags ready.

Packing baggs to west /

Even there is an impression by general population that Eastern European political elites work in Western European favor instead of their own people, and then after they successfully completed all the tasks they received from Brussels, they are rewarded with another set of future career options, well payed jobs and secure future for their own kids (settled in Western Europe) because that is only what matters it seems.

Last time you checked history books Eastern Europeans seemed to be the people that have sent the first man in space, people that basically “invented” electricity, people that contributed the world culture in great amount of literature, art and philosophy. Yuri Gagarin, Nikola Tesla, Copernicus, Dostoyevsky, Marco Polo, Roger Joseph Boscovich, Maria Skłodowska-Curie and many other names have left a great impact on fate of Human kind in general, but today it seems you’re only good for toilet cleaning and construction working in UK or Germany.

At what point have Eastern Europeans been shredded and robbed of each tiny bit of self-respect?! Are these still the ghosts of WW2 German propaganda haunting our lands and still claiming how we’re worth nothing as humans, so we have started to look at ourselves in that way and just stopped even trying to get better and compete with the “advanced” west?

Because you know, you’re not worth anything to them even today, at least on internet it seems so. Google and Facebook don’t value your clicks on ads at all, you’re less worth in their eyes but if you migrate to anywhere in the west and click on an ad, suddenly you’ll be more worth, even tipple worth at times. Yes, they’ll claim it is because of economical reasons, market, return of investment, westerners being more prone to buying, but haven’t we heard similar reasoning’s before in order to devalue us as people. How do you think future will look for Eastern Europeans?

What do you think?

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