Dive Into The Era of ‘Kievan Rus’ With Two New Upcoming Russian Movies

Russian cinematography promising us historical blockbusters

In the coming months, the Russian cinemotography will be enriched by two new historical based movies. These two movies look very promising and will be a nice material for movie lovers, especially those who love historical period drama and fantasy based genres. Slavs lack good movies about their ancestors, so these two additions are more than welcome.


The first movie to be released by the end of this year is a historical action movie Viking (Russian: Викинг) directed by Andrei Kravchuk. The movie is based on the first historical document of East Slavs – Primary Chronicle and Icelandic Kings’ sagas. The story takes place in Kievan Rus in late 10th century. After the death of ruler of Kievan Rus, Svyatoslav I, his young son prince Vladimir is forced into exile to Sweden to escape his treacherous half-brother Yaropolk, who has already murdered his other brother Oleg and conquered the Viking territory of Kievan Rus. The budget for this movie can be compared to the Russian epic movie Stalingrad, which cost 20 million USD. The movie also has a good cast, including Svetlana Khodchenkova (from The Wolverine, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and Danila Kozlovsky (from Vampire Academy, Hardcore Henry).

Legend of Kolovrat

The next upcoming Russian historical fantasy movie is Legend of Kolovrat, which is said to be released in spring 2017. Film is based on the period when Russia was under control of the Golden horde (A Mongol and later Turkicized khanate). Ryazan knight Evpaty Kolovrat is the leader of the squad, which decides to fight back khan Batu, who divided Russia. The plot is based on The Tale of the Destruction of Riazan, a medieval military tale about the capture of the city of Ryazan by the Mongols in 1237 and is one of the best sources of the Mongol invasion of Russia. However, the producers didn’t make a storyline as a reconstruction of historical events but wanted to create a fairy-tale world with good and bad characters.

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