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Donald Tusk called Balkans a ‘Game of Thrones’ episode, funny because it’s true

Game of Slavs, we patented that name few years ago ahead of our time

Photo: Tusk via Wikimedia commons / GoT illustration

European Council Chairman Donald Tusk, on Thursday’s Sofia summit in Sofia, compared the Western Balkans with the “Game Throne” TV series, but without dragons. Tusk Speaking to Bulgarian prime minister, mentioned the priorities of a new rotating presidency, which is the European perspective of the Western Balkans, i.e. the countries of former Yugoslavia and Albania.

“The history of the Balkans is more dramatic and interesting than the” Games of Throne “scenario, even though there are no dragons,” he said in a colorful speech full of anecdotes and historical references.

He praised the progress, courage and determination that led to Bulgaria’s European successes.

“We would like the present and future of the Balkans to be less similar to dramatic films,” said the people of the region, ending with stability and prosperity, “he stressed.

“No one has given you anything, you are worthy of this historic turn,” he pointed out to the Bulgarians, the poorest EU members, who are among the biggest euro-optimists.

Tusk said he was convinced of the efficiency of the Bulgarian presidency that began in January and grinned Prime Minister Boik Borisov, a former karate coach.

“With the prime minister who brings fear into the bones of any opponent you will succeed,” he concluded.

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