Doom Clouds Over Kamchatka Spread Fear

These days like we can see the signs of impeding doom all over the world. Strange things happen, wars bloom, blood moons shined twice this year and nothing can go without strange happening in Russia as well. These days, on the September 13 a strange could formation over Petropavlovsk appeared and these unusually shaped coulds formed over the volcano Avacha in beautiful Kamchatka. Photographs of these unusual clouds, heavenly vortex were shared by local Russian residents on Trinoxy. So tell us what do you think about these clould formations?

Do they look like a doom sign for humanity or just a regular cloud shape?

kamchatka_01 kamchatka_02 kamchatka_03 kamchatka_04 kamchatka_05 kamchatka_06 kamchatka_07

What do you think?

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