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Drunk Thief Tries To Rob A Russian Woman, She Knocks Him Down And Lies On Him Until Police Came

…you’re in the wrong part of Europe mr. thief

Photo: / KU43

Slavic women are no joke, all the feminism in the West, but rarely will you see any western woman have fierce and fearless way to put a man in his place like Slavic women do. This new viral video from Russia is just another proof of that. A petty drunk thief wanted to deprive one Russian lady off her money, but it didn’t end well for him.

“I have to feed my kids, and you wanted to steal my purse” ~ she said.

She knocked him down and the rest of the story is in the video below. Russian lady managed to do a heroic deed all by herself, RT confirmed that the thief was drunk and posted a footage showing that a woman is lying on a thief whose head lies in the mud.

On the second screen there is a police officer who put a man in the car and drove it off.

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