Drunken Forest Of Russia

On the outskirts Shilovskaya land among the burly hog hides an unusual forest, where every pine trunk curls north. The researchers of anomalous phenomena have always been amazed by this area. Tourists that visit the local area always drop by to see this popular called “Drunken Forest” by locals. In the Kaliningrad Region similar anomaly was named the dancing forest by the locals. To reach these funny forests tourists will hardly detect it without a guide.

The right way to place know Ryazan was made by an ethnographer Andrei Gavrilov. Lucky for you today, because you are going on a exploration with us to this unusual forest right now, so enjoy your trip:


Drunken trees show themselves in the three areas and, according to local lore, they came up with a simple explanation that it was a deed of a whirlwind of incredible power back in 1971.


Just why the hurricane bent, not broken a miserable trees, villagers keep quiet. We found out about the wonderful forest thanks to Russian seekers of the paranormal that brought this story to us.


Gavrilov remembers guests from Moscow uncovered equipment and busily got an electronic compass.


Meanwhile, the forest continues its growth curve, as if noticing the arrival of tourists seeking sensations. It should be also said that in early days, the Ryazan land was inhabited by pagan tribes of Finno-Ugric peoples.

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