Emperors Village The Most Beautiful Park Ever

Blogger deletant made us happy one more time with his trip and photos of Garden Catherine Park that is just one amazing place surrounded by a high bushes, there are small bosquets (French formal garden) with beautiful sculptures and benches. What you will see are the best parks of Tsarskoye Selo – of empress Catherine and emperor Alexander. So let’s begin and examine them in detail. On the shore of memerazing Mirror Pond is Pavilion called “Upper Bath”  built in 1777-1779 by architects Neelova. However it gets much more interesting inside another pavilion – “Lower bath”, in the XVIII century, called also the Knights of soap. The pavilion consists of ten buildings grouped around a central hall with a large round baths. It’s one of those places where emperor used to enjoy himself in one of the rooms sauna. Note that instead of stones laid on the stove cast iron core. On the bank of a lake stands the Pavilion “Grotto”, designed by Rastrelli and in the center of the lake there is an island where tourists can enjoy. What can we say rather that this place looks like paradise. More info: deletant

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