Estonia Claims ‘Masha And The Bear’ Cartoon Is A Propaganda Tool

Fear of cartoons and hybrid warfare

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It is natural that Little states always live in fear of their larger neighbors, but sometimes paranoia just goes a bit too far. These days Baltic states live in such fear they even see enemies in Children cartoons such as “Masha and the Bear” which is actually a world-wide famous cartoon that has been translated into over 30 languages.

You must have seen it and your kids love it too, however Estonians have found a hidden agenda in the cartoon and tried to decode it.Priit Hõbemyagi a professor from University of Tallinn tried to explain how they suspect, that the Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” is part of the new “hybrid war” onto their Estonian children.

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“My own experience suggests, that we are talking about manipulation, propaganda and brainwashing. Just, everything is presented beautifully ” he said

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He claims that a cartoon featuring a young Masha and her friend Bear which are most of the time in fun adventures typical of children and their pet, but he claims “the bear symbolizes Russia; it’s a fact” and features Russian military actions, or rather the use of “soft power” by Russian troops.

He is convinced that cartoon is just genius crafted tool to convey the whole world a message that Russian bear is actually a soft and kind cuddly bear. He said Russia does tries to widen its borders by “Imposing a positive image of Russia on children, is dangerous for Estonia’s security” he said. Has paranoia went too far when we see enemies even in Children cartoons?

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