Eurosong: New battleground for Ukraine and Russia?

The winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Ukrainian jazz singer Jamal, who unexpectedly won with a song called “1944”, dedicated to the mass deportation of the Tatars from the Crimea in 1944 ordered by then Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in retaliation for collaboration with the Nazis. Ukraine has won first place with 534 points obtained, ahead of Australia with 511 points and Russia, with a reputation for the Giants and who won third place with 491 points.

The winner Jamal (32), whose real name is Susana Jamaladinova first Tatar at the Eurovision Song Contest, that performed a song with a lot of emotion dedicated to her great-grandmother who herself was a victim of deportation. Her poems with political themes sparked controversy already ahead of the competition.

The song talks about the deportation of almost the entire ethnic group from her hometown of Crimea in the former Soviet Russia, which later became part of Ukraine. About 250,000 Tatars were deported at the end of the second World War in Central Asia, which was a collective punishment for those who collaborated with the Nazis.

“The countries of the former Soviet Union sent a message by voting for Ukraine” some commentators said


The new voting system which was introduced this year was provided by private voting national jury of each country and especially the voices of the audience in front of TV screens, which was introduced to prevent the current “neighborly” assigning votes of national juries. The system is ultimately showed serious differences in the preferences of the national jury and TV audience across Europe and is thus such as Poland, which was among the last seven points in the vote of the national jury, jumped to eighth place winning 227 votes recalculated TV viewers.

What can we expect next year from Eurosong?

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