Even Novosibirsk Shamans Pray for World Peace

The most crowded place in Novosibirsk on February 1 was the recreation center “Metallurg”. Pandemonium on the front of the building was visible from afar. People were attracted by shamans in exotic costumes with painted faces and smoking branches. However, on a fateful encounter people recorded in advance and tuned it seriously. Interestingly, the massive charity event was held with the official permission of the mayor’s office and the administration of Novosibirsk. 14 strongest healers of Khakassia, Tuva, Siberia and Altai, representatives of religious organizations Kyzylskaya shamans TengriUher“, “ToosDeer“, “Dungur” gathered in Novosibirsk on an important mission, united in the name of World Peace. Wizards held on the basis of a recreation center “Metallurg” Mystery of the First Shaman For the good of all living beings.”

She was available to everyone for free as the meeting was organized by Siberian shamans. Traditionally, the rite of purification is carried out before the celebration of Tuva steps – New Year according to the lunar calendar, when the “open channels of Heaven and Spirits give people health, protecting against the forces of evil. In the belief of shamans, 2015 – a special year of inner strength, concentration, constant effort and will. In Novosibirsk this event was held for the first time. More info: |

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