Ever Wanted To Be Polar Explorer?

Have you ever wanted to move away from crowded civilizations and escape to a distant land as North Pole? Well if you ever did have an idea to do something like this we brought you a story about life of Russian Polar explorers in the distant frozen lands where not many humans put their foot. His name is Alex Ekaykin, and he is 39 years old and a polar explorer. What you will see is a day of a conventional glaciologist. There frozen landscape scene is not unusual, it’s just the cold pole of the Earth and Russian Antarctic station called “Vostok”.

On the frozen pole that is no mobile communications, so smartphones are used only as alarm clock (or for gaming if you wish).

Anywhere near the station there is no fresh water, rather water is exracted from the snow. Their house has been covered with snow over the roof from the beggining so it looks like they live in a large snowball when they get out of it.

It now looks like the Vostok station – one of the most remote and inaccessible places on the planet. The building on the right – DES (diesel-electric), gives them light and heat.

The main building of the station is also under snow. The tunnel is quite spectacular: It is a monument to Alexei Treshnikov, founder of Vostok station.

lex workplace there is the glaciological laboratory and there he spends almost every day throughout the summer field season (December and January).

He works with ice cores and is researching the area for future drilling. Each piece of core samples are cut off for analysis of the isotopic composition: Thereafter, the core is marked: packed and placed in core storage.

To work with one core research an hour, you can make 10 pieces a day – and then time for dinner! The sun is very low on the horizon, but the decline will not wait – the polar day.

At home, you can even sit at the computer – to handle today’s results, to record thoughts. 

Before sleep – a short walk around the station:Finally, sometime after 23 o’clock I go to bed. This was that day. Not the most interesting day, which could happen in Antarctica, but quite typical.

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