Excavated Slavic Idol Twice Older Than Pyramids

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A mysterious wooden statue, drawn from wetlands in eastern Russia back in the 19th century is old 11 000 years, as latest research says. It’s age was established by a team of German scientists, and this is the oldest wooden statue in the world showing the birth of mythological believing among Slavic people in it’s early phase. With carbon dating for the age of the idols it was concluded that roughly his age was estimated at 95 000 years ago, but the new research team re-analyzed the object by means of accelerator mass spectrometry, a more sensitive method.

This method revealed that the idol was actually created 1,500 years earlier, at the beginning of the Holocene epoch – the beginning of the period in which people are starting to dominate the world.

Thomas Terberger, one of the scientists who have dated idol, said: “The results have exceeded our expectations. The data are very important for the international scientific community. They are important for understanding the development of civilization and the art of Eurasia, and humanity as a whole. We can see that in these times, 11 000 years ago, hunters, fishermen and gatherers in the Urals were as developed as farmers and the Middle East. ”

Unusual carved statue, called Shigir Idol, probably carved by an ancient civilization and the religious or spiritual purposes, and is engraved with her lost language that scientists can not decipher. The civilization here are early Slavic tribes that emerged upon Indo-European split upon several branches.

Idol is made from freshly downed larch and unknown carpenter fashioned the tree with wooden tools, engraved seven people (other Slavic gods) and surrounded by symbols and one of them is three-dimensional (Slavic God Triglav). Idol had 5.3 meters when he was found, but now has only 2.8 meters because the parts of the statue disappeared during the Soviet era, but not before the front revolutionary archaeologist Vladimir Tolmachev drew idol completely.

Idol is exposed in the Archaeological Museum in Yekaterinburg Sverdlovsk in Russia. So this Idol is twice older than the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge together, which is rather impressive and the letter engravings on the idol also are further proof of ancient Slavic alphabet system.

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