Exploring Łódź EC-2, amazing cooling tower in Polish ‘Chernobyl’

Łódź, you will appreciate the real beauty of this city. In the 19th century, Łódź was the capital city of the Polish industry. It was full of cotton mills and many other factories which are abandoned nowadays. Each urban explorer knows Grohman’s or Osser’s factories.

Some of those factories have been renovated and currently, there are used as flats, offices, or malls. Some of them are still abandoned and they attract urban explorers from all over the world. Talking about the industrial Łódź, we cannot omit a contemporary, forgotten object – EC-2 power plant.


Would you like to hear some fun facts about Łódź? Łódź in Polish means “boat”, but there are no rivers (and no access to the sea like in the Czech Republic). The other fun fact – they almost demolished the historical monument. How it was possible?  All because of bureaucracy. In 2018 the procedure of power plant registration in the register of monuments had been started. In February 2019 the owner ordered the demolition and the first works began. Luckily, the registration procedure ended one month later, and the EC-2 devastation has been interrupted. Hopefully forever. Could you imagine this situation? The public administration employee was drinking a coffee and he saw demolition through the window. “Oh, I forgot about something” – he thought. He took another sip of coffee but was still thinking about his undone work… “I know! I should sign the registration documents!” So… Thanks to the brave, hard-working administration employee we can admire this beautiful power plant.

According to many people, EC-2 resembles Chernobyl. Actually, most of them have never been in Chernobyl but they know that is similar to EC-2. We find this power plant a real urbex paradise. If you love abandoned power plants you’ll agree with us. Everyone knows a spectacular cooling tower in Charleroi, Belgium. In EC-2 you can get to a more beautiful, blue cooling tower. Have you ever heard of the control room with a skylight in Kelenföld, Budapest? In EC-2 you will find a similar one. Don’t forget about stunning industrial construction. So before you start laughing at Łódź, you have to see EC-2 and maybe you’ll change your mind. Would, you like to see more photos? You can find them in post on Urbex Travel blog.

Enjoy the pictures and see you in Poland!


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