Fabulous White Sands of Siberia

A new project by the name “I’m Siberian” has been lunched by Russian tourism board. This campaign has only one objective, and that is to attract tourists to the ice cold and isolated region of the fabulous Russian country, the Siberia. The promotion includes the photo shoot “Fabulous White Sands of Siberia” featuring what else than Slavic Russian girls sunbathing on a frozen lake covered in snow. The genious slogan for this cute campaign is: ‘Our beaches may not have much sand, but they are certainly white.” via(source)

Photographer Vasily Cherinov said “We did this project to show how awesome winter vacation in Siberia can be, where you can relax and have fun. Winter for Siberians is fun and joy”


During the cold and long winters in Siberia, the temperature can drop -50 C (-58 F).

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