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Famous Russian Model Mary Shum Fell Off A Cliff And This Is What Really Happened That Day

Just a malicious act of Jay Alvarrez or an accident?

Photo: Instagram / Youtube screenshot

The girl jumped off the cliff and accidentally slipped and fell. she tried to catch the leg of a boy who was sitting on the edge of the cliff, but he just slipped away and let her fall into the sea. You have probably already seen the mentioned video (or just see it below) on which Mary falls off a cliff while her “boyfriend” just pulls off his leg instead of helping her. Last few days her actually husband (now ex- husband) Alexander Tikhomirov explained what has really happened that day.

The Youtube video called “Life of Dream goes horribly wrong” by Alexander Tikhomirov, and he explains it was actually Jay Alvarrez (Instagram star) on the video who pulled the legg and let her fell. Mary has fell into the sea from three meters height and she hasn’t broken anything, but she did hurt her legs and back. They immediately went to the hospital, but she could not walk for several days, however in the end it all ended well – told Jay, whose Instagram profile is followed by more than 5 million fans.

Alexander who has a child with the Russian model says he does not blame Jay which moved the leg. “He pulled his leg away not because he is a jerk, but because it all happened in seconds,” he explained.

Now, less shocking videos, more photos of Mary Shum:

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Watch yourselves on those clifs, it’s no joke huh.

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