Father Adam – Monk from Poland Attracting Thousands Of Non-belivers To Listen Him

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If you think that only religious people follow up Youtube channels related to faith, you are wrong. There is a Polish channel that inspires thousands of people every single day. It has been known as Langusta na Palmie and belongs to the member of Dominican Order, Father Adam Szustak.

The most amazing thing about Adam Szustak and his channel is that he finds people who appreciate him not only among the Catholics but even among the atheists. Szustak offers a different style of talking about God and faith. Instead of conservative speech like from the traditional mass, he offers the style that conquers the hearts of hundreds of hundreds of people. He offers a brand new way of talking about religion.

Szustak – the answer to millions of problems

He is a rebel who wears a habit, but whatever he creates becomes a huge success on the internet. Actually, if he doesn’t wear a habit (what happens quite often), you wouldn’t even expect that he has something in common with monastery life and contemplation. Szustak is joyful and full of life, he enjoys every day and travels around the world making speeches about God and the other aspects of Christianity. However, the most appreciated place where he appears is the internet. After a long time of making Langusta na Palmie, he decided to create the second channel Paśnik (The Feeder).

In the past some passionate people made translations of his videos, so even if you don’t understand a word in Polish, you can still enjoy his unique style of vblogger. Although his teachings are based in Catholic Church, many things he says sound very universal. Here is one of the highest rated videos by Szustak:

He is not afraid of difficult topics, frequently answers to the questions asked by his audience. If you want to see the modern face of the Christianity in the best shape or just listen to the intelligent and well-educated guy who speaks in a logical way about theology, you should start following Langusta na Palmie and Paśnik.

The Order of Preachers in Poland

The Order of Preachers was created by St Dominic Guzman, Spanish from They appeared in Poland at the beginning of the 13th century and they became one of the most important players on the religious stage in this country. They are famous for following the theology of their masters. Therefore, they are one of the most open-minded and one of the best-educated orders in Christianity. There are even some jokes about the competition among Jesuits and Dominicans related to their high-quality education.

Currently, the Order of Preachers has more than ten houses and they are famous for their modern and open-minded vision of faith. Moreover, compared to more conservative priests, the sons of St Dominic seem to be a perfect fit with the theological thought proposed by Pope Francis. At the same time they appreciate the modern ways of teaching, so they are available online.

If not father Adam then who?

The Dominican Order fell in love with youtube, so if you know Polish, you can find many valuable videos prepared by them without any problem. Their mission is centered in their faith and vision of St Dominic, but many people who claim not to be religious admit that they watch the vlogs by them daily. Why is that? Because they find there more than in other places, they find the words of universal love, understanding, and inspiration. Personally, I would strongly suggest you father Paweł Koniarek who currently lives and works in Gdańsk. In simple words, he explains some important aspects based on the gospel of St Mathew.

However, if you enter the channel Paśnik you can find dozens of fabulous videos made by various brothers of Father Adam Szustak. Every day brings at least a few new videos, sometimes it is really difficult to follow all of them.

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