First Glowing Bike Path Powered by Sun is Unveiled in Poland and It Looks Nice

Are cycling lovers getting some love at last?

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Poland – Don’t you just love the idea of riding your bike in nighttime not worrying you will hit anyone? Well Poles thought that way too, and they made an awesome looking illuminated biking path. It actually looks so good we are sure we would only drive our bikes during nighttime just to enjoy it. This illuminated cycling path was made by Polish TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych Sp. z o.o, which is a company that decided to do some experiments with asphalts. Their inspiration was a similar project from Netherlands, so they too took a large amount of time to research all the possible ideas and solutions that would make a sustainable light source for roads.

What they came up with is a 100 meter long path that glows in easy for eyes blue color at night, while at day it soaks in the energy from the infrared light made by our sun. These beautiful blue luminophores were chosen to best integrate with the nearby lake (blue color duh), so it fits the area just right and it can glow up to 10 hours, covering pretty much all the night.

This is still an experiment so that’s why only 100 meters is the length of this cycling path, but if the projects doesn’t get some love from the locals and if the materials make the path too expensive it might not live up. So give your massive support for this to become a trend in road and cycling path construction. via [Inhabitat]

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