Five reasons to travel to Belarus

Five reasons to travel to Belarus – One of my friend seriously said that proper rest – is the one after that you start to appreciate the environment daily. And so, in his version, instead of the five star hotels of exotic coasts should choose small industrial towns in the province. Like, eat a week in the canteen, you live in a departmental hostel, mingle with the local beau monde in the “comfortable sweatpants” and return to work immediately would be a welcome and desirable.
Spa gluttony and provincial austerity does not run out of options for a holiday. And maybe because of all long holiday apartment prices in the same Belarus takes off in one and a half to two times: the country has long been visited by tourists from Russia and Ukraine who come here just to make sure: pieces of the puzzle of social post-Soviet space are able to develop in a variety of picture of reality.


Five reasons to travel to Belarus
In Belarus, purely so that it is even used to it “hurts the eyes.” Such cleanliness is quite difficult to find in Russia and Ukraine, in addition there is unlikely to be systemic. And here it is clean everywhere: even the working class districts of Minsk look better than any other resort areas in the Crimea. This rule applies not only to the capital, long-distance route is difficult to distinguish from the European highway and purity to the same extent will reign on the streets of Grodno and Borisov. Perfect illustration of that grumbling on “historically we mess and can not be otherwise” – is just a cover for the reluctance to restore order. Neatness – two-way street: you notice that visitors do not even dare to throw cigarette butts on the sidewalks swept, preferring to carry them to the nearest box.

The second.
Belarusian neatness
Belarusian neatness peacefully combined with humane prices. Price categories in the food service and nostalgic at the same time ensure availability. The interiors and menus make dining PRIVOKZALNAYA parental recall the stories, but the poison is not afraid. Even in the center of the city you can always find a counter where a lowly service to customers a coffee with cakes for quite a token money. Prices here are generally lower than that used to see the Russians or Ukrainians at home, that makes the rest of the budget fairly. Also in this country have to come to know, at last, a taste of what was actually in “the very” condensed milk, sausages or chocolate “Alenka”. Quality can be inexpensive and Belarus proves that this is not an oxymoron.

The third.
Belarusian towns
Belarusian towns look as non-deficit might look like the USSR: broad avenues and full of stalls, undeveloped parks and reserved and non-irritating amount of advertising. The facades of buildings are not mutilated tasteless glazing, quality of roads is forcing worry about the suspension, lights are lit, the police stands out, “fast” is coming. Belarus – this is the rare case where the city on the losing end of Soviet postcards look than live. And if we consider the purity criteria of European cities, the environment, bike paths, structured space, the harmony of the architectural ensemble and safety, then all these indicators, the Belarusian city quite European.

Belarus – a country with no social gaps. There are subtle “slavery skinny and gentility wild” – almost constant attributes of Russian or Ukrainian reality. Expensive cars do not park on sidewalks and do not go to an opposite, flaunting ‘untouchable’ rooms. There is almost palpable sense of common rules, which do not vary depending on the property qualification citizen. Social well-being relatively evenly spread out on public demonstrations and a sandwich parading wealth sets straight out from the crowd of visitors Russians or Ukrainians. At the same time, representatives of youth subcultures are hard to find even in the daytime, and with fire, so that the owner dreads or tunnels in your ears, most likely, has recently crossed the border.

Belarus – a country that does not feel paranoid interpersonal communication. Leaving a rented apartment, you just toss the key in the mailbox, night walks are not forced to look around nervously at every rustle, and domestic zhlobstvo occurs on the order of less than accustomed to the citizen of Ukraine or Russia. Belarus exists in some exceptional reality, fragments of which just happened to be found in other parts of the former Soviet Union. Any country – an iceberg, the lion’s share of which is outside the field of view of the tourist, and let the foundations of the Belarusian reality remains for the vacationer “under the cut” but, on the other hand, no one, and does not require a tourist thoughtfulness reporter. But daily life of the country is more than worthy to include Belarus in the list of personal travel must-have.

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