Flight Over Ancient Pereslavl City In Russia

Photographer and blogger Andrey decided to do a adrenalin filled photo shoot of a ancient city in Russia, the city of Pereslavl. Andrey got bored of all the same natural shots of nature and cities from ground that he often visits and takes photos of. However this time he decided to make a different approach as a photographer and take photos from air, and behold he was right and Pereslavl looks amazing. The areal view of the city and region around him gave him a completely new perspective and provided him new opportunity in making amazing photography, so even just ordinary flat plains with just a bit of sun can turn into magnificent photography on this beautiful Russian land. He was in city of Pereslavl about 50 times, but this was the first time from air with a little help of small Aero Club that did provide him this chance to fly over Pereslavl, for two times for about 30 minutes. So why don’t you enjoy with us his beautiful work:

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