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Food network of Slavic countries in the hands of foreign companies

Traditional national food stores are while walking are getting more and more rare to see in Slavic countries. Some old national food markets have lost the battle with western markets that dump the prices and it seems like we are seeing ore and more of Interspar, Kaufland, Lidl and similar stores flocking in our neighborhoods making you wonder do you live in Germany or your own country? Everywhere we go we see destroyed networks of small grocery stores and retailers from which money just flew away and pushed them in economic doom. With more strategic influx of foreign companies backed by their large countries such as Germany our own companies have a hard time to compete with prices of food or production in comparison with western countries that have surplus of their products and damp the prices much more than our own can.


For example look at the few massive markets that can be found in Russia and are all in foreign control: 1. “Auchan” (France), 2. “OK” (Luxembourg) 3. “Pyaterochka” (The Netherlands), 4. “Crossroads” (Netherlands), 5. “Carousel” (Netherlands), 6. «MetroCash & Carry» (Germany), 7. “Tape” (British Virgin Islands), 8. “Globus” (Cyprus), 9. “Bill” (Austria), 10. “Zelgros” (Germany), 11. «Leroy Merlin» (France), 12. “Magnet” (Cyprus offshore Lavreno Ltd.), 13. “Kopeika” (Netherlands), 14. “We” (the Netherlands), 15. “Mercado supercenter” (Netherlands), 16. “Basket” (the Netherlands, “17” Paterson “(Netherlands), 18.” People “(Netherlands), 19.” Simbirka “(Netherlands), 20.” Proviant “(Netherlands), 21.” Fair “(Netherlands ) 22. The “Troika” (the Netherlands), 23. “Family” (Netherlands), 24. “economic family” (Netherlands), 25. “The world of products” (Netherlands), 26. “A5” (Netherlands), 27 . «Spar» (Netherlands), 28. “Supermarket” (Netherlands), 29. “Tamerlane” (The Netherlands), 30. “Pokupochka” (Netherlands).


South and West Slavs for example will be very familiar with presence of Kaufland, Spar, Lidl and similar mega markets that seem to destroy all local and national competition with ease. This situation is naturally very dangerous because it is a very large percentage of the market and a considerable segment of our purse account for goods that we need to maintain our everyday life. This is personal hygiene. This detergents. This and other household chemicals, which we use almost automatically. But when you go to the store what do you see? Foreign brands!


“It seems that that foreign capital has got its tentacles into every cell of all Slavic business and households. Network hypermarkets occupy protected position and this system after short analysis seems to be the perfect western capitalist system for for pumping money out of the Slavic populations and smuggled them to third countries western countries. They do not destroy your own national markets and small home business but also they destroy whole national production because they offer their products for cheaper price. In turn they completely occupy your country by destroying your market, production and suck out the profit back to their mother-countries. The brand Chain stores are the main economic spear striking force of Western business. They, as a huge vacuum cleaner come into your neighborhood sucking cash flows, currency and destroy your local business.


Yes by this time most of these hypermarkets have destroyed retail chains of our countries or are about to do so. Yes, they left numerous part of the population without a job and without the ability to support their families, because you have to count that these hypermarkets destroy our production business in food industry where farmers keep getting destroyed in rapid rates.

Lobbying interests of Western brands, undervaluation, with the price of the game currency – everything is aimed at our territory to support the foreign brands that drown your own production. It has become quite evident that grocery chain stores now are a part of the political system aimed to conquer our own lands from the inside.

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