Forgotten hotel Europa in Macedonia

Forgotten hotel Europa in Macedonia – not that long ago two guys by the name Mike Powell and Juergen Horn on their trip thought Balkan Slavic state Macedonia suddenly came across the opportunity to become urban explorers in abandoned structures. We all love abandoned stuff, so why not a bit more of the juicy forgotten places. These two were staying at a hotel near Macedonian Lake Prespa and during that time they spotted Hotel Evropa, built during the Communist era when the state of Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia, you know that South Slavic socialist country? They said “We spotted the Evropa while driving along the coastal road. It would have been impossible not to, because the building is monstrous. And at least for us, it was irresistible. When I say this place has been “forgotten”, I mean it. The Evropa is not “under new management” or “scheduled for demolition” or under any sort of protection, private or governmental. It’s simply there, totally deserted.” With nothing that was prohibiting them from doing so, they did explore the place! More info: source [divider]

Entrance Of Hotel Europa

Lobby Of Hotel Europa

Old Phone Booth

Broken Glass At The Bowling Alley

The Forgotten Bowling Alley

Eerie And Forgotten

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