Different Types of Headwear Styles For Females

edited January 10 in Ukraine
I wanted to ask if anyone knew the specific name for this type of headband in the first two pictures? It's just a Vyshyvka band with ties on the back?

While we are on the topic though here are some other types of headwear mainly involving a scarf/shawl/khustka with different names depending on the style used to tie it. I'm no expert so if you know better or have more detail please share.

Similar just with pom poms on top and beads on the bottom

I think it's called Peremitka when they have knots tied over the ears but not 100% anyone know? This is my favourite way for a girl to wear it.

The next three are Hutsul and i think it's called Dzumbal

Bavnitsi - The main band looks the same as the first one i was asking about but with additional ribbons in back and a vinok on top.

Ochipok (I'v heard Ochipok and Namitka used interchangeably but i always used the term Ochipok for this one with the headband and scarf used together which makes it look more like a hat)


Also Namitka but sometimes tied around the neck

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