Is Radecki a Silesian surname?

the title says it all


  • Could be, as of the 15 people bearing that surname in the Czech Republic, 11 of them are in Czech-Silesia. However, there are approximately 5538 people with the name in Poland, and they're all over the place.
  • Just a small hint in your search

  • Yes I know about the song and how it was written about a Bohemian general. I don't understand what you're hinting? 
  • Personally, I think the surname is both Polish and Czech and it comes from the village(s) of Radec in Central Bohemia. So there you go. The reason I began this question was because of the amount of Silesians who have this surname in Poland. This name belonged to my great great grandmother and she was also a Volhynian Czech. 
  • I was hinting a field marshall Radetzky (Radecký, Radecki) who was a member of noble family Radecký z Radče firstly mentioned in 14th century.
    Place Radeč was located northern of Nový Bydžov town in northeast part of historical Bohemia.
    Link between Radecký family and Silesia exist in person of Johann Ernst Gottlieb Radetzky (died 1784) who was evangelical (protestant) teologist, teacher and even superintendent (bishop) working in Olešnice (pol. Oleśnica, Lower Silesia) and Těšín (Cieszyn, Upper Silesia).

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